Friday, July 3, 2015


Rockstar Letter Fluency
 I am linking up with Peppy Zesty Teacherista again this week for #tptsellerchallenge.  There are so many awesome ideas there right now!! I wanted to make this all year and I finally had time to do it :)  We have to have a fluency station during our reading block.  I made Superhero Letter Fluency and Superhero Sight Word Fluency last year and my students loved it.  I wanted to make a Rockstar theme because we call each other rockstars all the time in class when we are proud of each other or when we master a standard.  I found several rockstar themed stamps as well so  I am excited to use this new theme in the fall.  
We use Reading Wonders for our reading series.  We must learn a letter each week and 2-3 sight words.  I wanted to have a station that focuses on both skills because we have to quickly learn both to be able to read.  I have the same station for sight words too. I have to go make Rockstar Sight Word Fluency now! My students love love love positive recognition so they are ok with having both skills at the same time.  It allows them to earn multiple stamps at a time :)
I also have a special treasure box for them when they get to the end. This station makes me so happy because it lasts all year (just like I Spy My ABCs).  I teach the class at the beginning of the year and then they take off with it.  I just have to change the sheets each week and we are good to go.  It also lets me see who is on level and who is below.  If a student is behind, then I send the sheets home in black and white for homework.
Happy Summer,