Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Freebie

I made 6 pages of letter fluency as a reading station next week.  My students this year love to work with clothespins and timers!!!  I have 3 pages of lowercase letters and 3 pages of capital letters that I will add to the fluency station.  We are working on identifying 100 letters in a minute.  This is very overwhelming for some of the class.  I have pages with 100 letters on them, but I have added pages with less letters so the students can feel successful.  The students also love to have choices!  I have put pre-decodable and decodable readers in the station so they have a variety.  All of the choices do require a timer so they are practicing their fluency. 
If you are interested, you can find my station here at Tpt!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roll Say Keep Beach Numbers

My class loves to play Roll, Say, Keep, so I made 4 new math games for them.  I have Numbers 1-120, Addition, Subtraction, and Counting Objects to 50.  I like my students to be able to help each other, so I let them ask for help during the game.  Since this gives everyone the chance to earn the same amount of cards, I always add +1(take another turn), -1(lose one card), +2(take 2 extra turns), and -2(put 2 cards back) cards to the game.  My students love these extra cards.  They get so happy when they pick one.  I am excited to have these new games because it gives me the chance to really differentiate my station.  I can have a group of students working on number identification and another group working on addition.  I can also keep it all addition but only use certain addition facts for certain students. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's a new year!!!!!

I am back from a very long blog break! I have found so many great ideas for this new school year on my favorite blogs and Pinterest.  I am excited to create new stations for my students!!!  I have created 4 ABC literacy stations for the beginning of the year :) :) :)