Friday, July 3, 2015


Rockstar Letter Fluency
 I am linking up with Peppy Zesty Teacherista again this week for #tptsellerchallenge.  There are so many awesome ideas there right now!! I wanted to make this all year and I finally had time to do it :)  We have to have a fluency station during our reading block.  I made Superhero Letter Fluency and Superhero Sight Word Fluency last year and my students loved it.  I wanted to make a Rockstar theme because we call each other rockstars all the time in class when we are proud of each other or when we master a standard.  I found several rockstar themed stamps as well so  I am excited to use this new theme in the fall.  
We use Reading Wonders for our reading series.  We must learn a letter each week and 2-3 sight words.  I wanted to have a station that focuses on both skills because we have to quickly learn both to be able to read.  I have the same station for sight words too. I have to go make Rockstar Sight Word Fluency now! My students love love love positive recognition so they are ok with having both skills at the same time.  It allows them to earn multiple stamps at a time :)
I also have a special treasure box for them when they get to the end. This station makes me so happy because it lasts all year (just like I Spy My ABCs).  I teach the class at the beginning of the year and then they take off with it.  I just have to change the sheets each week and we are good to go.  It also lets me see who is on level and who is below.  If a student is behind, then I send the sheets home in black and white for homework.
Happy Summer,

Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Monday

I am linking up with Primary Possibilities today :)  Please check out all the other great makeovers this week!! I created an awesome reading station for my class last year (if I do say so myself :) ).  I love it so much because the kids loved it so much and wanted to do it each week.  
I Spy My ABCs

These are the pages that I used this year for our station and they were great! They were so helpful for students who were not ready to draw or who do not like to draw.  Those students were successful at this station by using the page that just had to be colored in so it was a win-win for the class!

These are the pages that I added to the packet for next year to make it even more successful. I had a few students who were done quickly and this station was not very meaningful for them until I added sentence writing which they loved.  I had them use dry erase boards to create sentences. They needed a challenge because they were ready to write.  I want to give my above level students differentiated worksheets for next year so we will still have a win-win situation(no mixed messages as to why some get the dry erase boards and some do not).

Finally, I also added “When I am done” pages for the students to check their handwriting and their coloring before they turn in their work.  This helps them to become more independent workers (The students do not have to have “perfect” coloring but they do need to do their best work).  **This page might be more of a win for me (the students go back and correct their own papers so I do not have to work with them on that ).
I have put it on sale for 50% off this week so it is only $2.50.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  It was so wonderful to have a station that stayed the same all year.  I just changed the pages and the students knew exactly what to do!!!! I am so excited to use the improved version next year!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Pre Primer Sight Words
I am so excited to participate in #tptsellerchallenge!! You have to head over to Teach Create Motivate to see all of the awesome stuff. I have seen so many amazing makeovers.  When I looked at some of the original product covers, I thought to myself, "these are cute" and "why are they changing them."  

Then, I saw the makeovers and thought "wow, they are even better now." I immediately knew that I needed to do this too :)  Of course, I could not just change the cover of my stuff...I had to change the whole thing. I used a new font by Mel and new frames by I Teach. What's Your SuperPower?.  I also made everything smaller to use less paper. have to change the other products that go with it :) I feel like...If You Give A Mouse A Cookie :)  
I will be working on Hop into Primer Sight Words and Hop into 1st Grade Dolch Words this week.  I like them to be the same so I can differentiate my groups without the students realizing it.

I am putting this on sale for the rest of the week for only.......$1.00!!!!  It will go to $3.00 when I add the black and white pages so it is an awesome deal. 
p.s. Watch for my other changes because I will put them on sale for a $1.00 too.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Freebie #3

I am on a roll.........three in a row :)  Here is today's (limited) freebie!!!
We always teach farm in the fall so I am keeping my "Back to School" theme going this week.  I bought some great packets yesterday on TpT that I had on my wish list for next year!  I am so excited to "plan ahead" and have some new activities ready now!!!
We had "Ditch Your Diet" day today from our PTO.  It was awesome!!  We had a chocolate fountain with strawberries and bananas, cheesecake, tiramisu, and other goodies. What fun things did you do today???

Happy Hump Day,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Freebie #2

I hope you are having a great Teacher Appreciation Week! We were treated to breakfast this morning by our PTO :) I have another freebie for you(just for a little while) today.  
I absolutely love this station!  I use it every week while we are learning the letters of the alphabet. Here is B for example:
I have two different worksheets to go with it.  I made one with pictures for those students who struggle with drawing.  I also made one without pictures for those students that enjoy drawing.  It is also for my on/above level students who like to find different words that start with B (not just the ones they know I put up :)).

I hope you are able to enjoy it,

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ready for the TpT Sale and a freebie

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!
My ABC Seahorses is a freebie for a little while :)  I thought some back to school stuff would be nice to start getting ready for next year.  I know I am already thinking about what I want to do differently/better in my room next enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with a different freebie :)

P.S. I have put my whole store on sale for tomorrow and Wednesday :)
I know that I have a huge wishlist of things that I am ready to buy!!  

Have a great week,

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Favorite February Things

Every year we swim with the manatees in Crystal River and it is one of my most favorite trips!!  If you get a chance to go, Three Sisters Springs is absolutely beautiful and home to many manatees(I just read on the news that there are 300 there now).  It is so easy to boat, kayak, or paddleboard to the springs!

The manatees are so amazing and it is so peaceful to snorkel near them!  I could post hundreds of pictures but I just picked my 2 favorites from this trip :)


Wetsuits are not my favorite thing to wear but it is the rule now to get in the water so I had to do it. They want everyone to stay off of the bottom so the wetsuits are supposed to help.  This picture is my only proof :)

Thanks Teaching Trio for hosting this very fun linky!  I am enjoying everyone's posts :)

Happy Hump Day,