Monday, April 16, 2012

 We are learning about plants and insects!
We have been reading more non-fiction books during our reading block to follow the common core standards.  My class loves it!
They can not get enough new science facts!
We read our dragonfly book and then each student had to write a fact from the book that they had learned.  Then, they had to draw a detailed picture to match their sentence.  I was so proud of their work!!!!  Each student had a fact that they were ready to write, no one raised their hand to say they needed help, and they drew such great detailed pictures.  They were so proud of themselves!!!!!
At a separate time, we made our dragonflies.  We do have 6 feet on the bottom but they are hard to see :)
(I used Carolea Williams/Teach Bright writing paper from her sight word sentence frames activities.  They are 1/2 sheets with lines so they are perfect.)

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