Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Decomposing Numbers for the Common Core Standards

Decomposing numbers, a new common core standard, was a hard concept for my class when I introduced it. I made a station for them as reinforcement to help it "sink in." 

Once they understand this, I have them do the next station which looks like this:
My class quickly understood _ + _ = 2.  However, it was very difficult to rewrite the sentence and decompose the number to say 2= _ + _.  It took many days of practice and reteaching for several of my students. I am going to make more stations to have them ready for next year so we hopefully master the concept faster/easier :) 

If you are interested, I have my actvities in my Spring Into Addition packet at TpT and TN.
The packet also has:
lily pads with frog ten frames from 1-20 for bulletin boards/visual aids or write the room activities,
dice games and tic-tac-toe games,
and fluency pages.

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