Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Monday

I am linking up with Primary Possibilities today :)  Please check out all the other great makeovers this week!! I created an awesome reading station for my class last year (if I do say so myself :) ).  I love it so much because the kids loved it so much and wanted to do it each week.  
I Spy My ABCs

These are the pages that I used this year for our station and they were great! They were so helpful for students who were not ready to draw or who do not like to draw.  Those students were successful at this station by using the page that just had to be colored in so it was a win-win for the class!

These are the pages that I added to the packet for next year to make it even more successful. I had a few students who were done quickly and this station was not very meaningful for them until I added sentence writing which they loved.  I had them use dry erase boards to create sentences. They needed a challenge because they were ready to write.  I want to give my above level students differentiated worksheets for next year so we will still have a win-win situation(no mixed messages as to why some get the dry erase boards and some do not).

Finally, I also added “When I am done” pages for the students to check their handwriting and their coloring before they turn in their work.  This helps them to become more independent workers (The students do not have to have “perfect” coloring but they do need to do their best work).  **This page might be more of a win for me (the students go back and correct their own papers so I do not have to work with them on that ).
I have put it on sale for 50% off this week so it is only $2.50.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  It was so wonderful to have a station that stayed the same all year.  I just changed the pages and the students knew exactly what to do!!!! I am so excited to use the improved version next year!!
Happy Summer,