Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Pre Primer Sight Words
I am so excited to participate in #tptsellerchallenge!! You have to head over to Teach Create Motivate to see all of the awesome stuff. I have seen so many amazing makeovers.  When I looked at some of the original product covers, I thought to myself, "these are cute" and "why are they changing them."  

Then, I saw the makeovers and thought "wow, they are even better now." I immediately knew that I needed to do this too :)  Of course, I could not just change the cover of my stuff...I had to change the whole thing. I used a new font by Mel and new frames by I Teach. What's Your SuperPower?.  I also made everything smaller to use less paper. have to change the other products that go with it :) I feel like...If You Give A Mouse A Cookie :)  
I will be working on Hop into Primer Sight Words and Hop into 1st Grade Dolch Words this week.  I like them to be the same so I can differentiate my groups without the students realizing it.

I am putting this on sale for the rest of the week for only.......$1.00!!!!  It will go to $3.00 when I add the black and white pages so it is an awesome deal. 
p.s. Watch for my other changes because I will put them on sale for a $1.00 too.
Happy Summer,


  1. The paper makes a big difference!

    1. I know Jen :) I also know many teachers are not able to print in color so I have to remember to include black and white pages!